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Château Montifaud L50 Heritage Louis Vallet Petite Fine Champagne Cognac 70cl

About this wine

Chateau Montifaud is a single family owned domaine and distillery which has been producing in Cognac for about 200 years. One of the few producers in Cognac permitted to use the title of ???Chateau???.
The Vallet family grow all of the grapes used to produce the Cognac they make, whereas most distilleries purchase bulk quantities of grapes or wine to use in production.
Their production is focused on the Grande Champagne and Petit Champagne sub-appelations of Cognac.
The Chateau Montifaud ???Heritage??? Louis Vallet L50 is incredibly rare, and is comprised of a blend of single appellation cognacs from Petite Champagne with the youngest cognac blended being at least 50 years old.
As our Retail Manager, Derek Morrison reflects, "The first time I had this Cognac, I could smell it from about 7 feet across the table once it was poured. I could taste it far before it ever made it to my glass or mouth, and I remember it vividly as if it was still in my mouth. It really was a profound and memorable experience."

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